Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Latest Autumn Winter 2017 Fashion Trends from Max Fashion

11 October, 2017: Max, the largest value fashion brand in the region launches its 2017 Autumn Winter Collection. With inspiration drawn from a variety of contemporary and historical trends, the new line offers something for every taste. The collection balances history and modernity. Mixing themes from the Victorian Era with a contemporary touch, the dramatic look of the collection brings an urban flair to the season. The end result is both nostalgic and modern, perfectly adapted to the present day. LADIES: The collection for women is defined by its colours which embrace the splendor of autumn, but with an intensity and saturation not always associated with this time of the year. Bold and powerful colours like walnut and black create a solid foundation, delivering an impactful message and acting as a seasonal update to well-established steel grays and ink blues. The materials and designs are inspired by the infatuation of the 1970s that moved from bohemian to glam. The exotic suede and leather theme carry a more maximalist approach that blends well into the dark romantic feel of the collection. The high necks, lace panels, ornate brocade and dramatic sleeves are among the highlights of

the season. Men: A new age of fashion is dawning. The days of distinct markets are being eclipsed by the layered style. Formalwear and casualwear now borrow silhouettes and material from each other. As time goes by, comfort becomes the new luxury. Great style and great comfort are no longer mutual exclusive. Styles are now being created with soft and tactile materials making the men’s line comfortable, classic but more importantly – timeless. Retro themes from decades ago still maintain their essence as today’s trends draw inspiration from them. The entire collection has a nostalgic vibe, with a contemporary feel and sense of modernity in the same time. Children: Max is bound to capture kids’ attention with its widely inspired fashion. With elements from the 70s, looks inspired from the punk movement of the of the 80s or casual party outfits for the little ones, the 2017 Autumn Winter Collection creates the perfect young lady and gentleman. The 2017 Autumn Winter Collection is now available in all Max stores and online on

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