Monday, January 22, 2018

YourGoodSkin Launch at Boots

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Introducing YourGoodSkinTM - the first step towards a life with visibly healthier skin. Targeting skin’s imbalance to help prevent skin issues before they occur ... New skincare range includes hero product ‘Balancing Skin Concentrate’, clinically proven to improve the 5 key signs of visibly healthy skin. YourGoodSkinTM, the breakthrough skincare range that is scientifically developed to help prevent skin problems before they occur, launches exclusively this week across Boots stores in the Middle East. Co-created with scientists, dermatologists and a community of thousands of women, YourGoodSkinTM has one goal in mind: to help transform skin and give you good skin for life, making the days when skin can look oily, dry, dull or feel and look uneven a thing of the past. Co-created with 1000’s of women YourGoodSkinTM discovered that to truly understand what women want from skincare, simply asking them wasn’t enough. It needed to involve them. Three years later, the YourGoodSkinTM community co-created a range of products to help women achieve the one thing on top of their skin wish list: consistently healthy looking skin for life. Everyone is invited to join the movement of 1000s of women who have already started their journey to a life with visibly healthier skin at the community. The forum offers expert advice, an opportunity to share experiences and to gain support from a movement of women all striving for #GoodSkinForLife The hero product in the range is the innovative Balancing Skin Concentrate. This unique concentrate is clinically proven to deliver visibly healthier skin in five ways. You want proof? We’ve got it. YourGoodSkinTM has conducted over 20 efficacy trials on the range, including 3 clinical trials on the Balancing Skin Concentrate alone. After using this powerful new concentrate: • 90% of women achieved improved skin texture * • 71% of women achieved more even skin tone * • 80% of women achieved more radiant skin* • 94% of women achieved less oily skin* • 96% of women achieved less dry skin** *After 4 months, blinded randomised controlled clinical trial on 49 women in the US ** After 4 weeks, blinded randomised controlled clinical trial on 49 women in S. Africa Additionally, consumer studies on hundreds of women confirmed the impressive fast acting benefits of using the Balancing Skin Concentrate, with 95% of women saying their skin felt soft & smooth after just 1 day. Experts in healthy skin In this fast paced life, bad skin days can really slow you down. Scientists at Boots UK identified that the cause of bad skin is often a less resilient skin barrier, which can leave skin looking vulnerable, stressed and unhealthy. YourGoodSkinTM Balancing Skin Concentrate has been designed to help restore the healthy appearance of your skin by

targeting the signs of skin imbalance and helping to prevent problems before they occur. The result? Visibly healthier skin in just 28 days. It’s the ultimate skincare hack! Dr Mike Bell, Skincare Scientific Expert, Boots UK, who led the development of YourGoodSkinTM comments; “Our research shows that women want consistently healthy looking skin but achieving this can be difficult when everyday life factors such as air pollution, temperature change, hormone change, stress or tiredness can cause the skin to become unbalanced. Our solution was to develop the ultimate skincare hack: a range of products to deliver visibly healthier skin in just 28 days. The hero of the range, YourGoodSkinTM Balancing Skin Concentrate, restores and maintains skin’s natural balance and is clinically proven to deliver visibly healthier skin in five different ways – skin texture, skin tone, radiance, oiliness and moisture levels – starting the journey to #GoodSkinForLife and putting an end to bad skin days.” YourGoodSkinTM Balancing Skin Concentrate is a lightweight serum that lives up to its heavyweight claims: designed to be used twice a day between your cleanser and moisturiser to help you achieve visibly healthier skin in just 28 days. Powerful ingredients The Balancing Skin Concentrate’s secret is a mix of powerful ingredients, which are designed to optimise skin condition by addressing the reasons for skin imbalance: • The unique multi action antioxidant complex contains Green tea, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and lipochroman known to help fight oxidative stress • Japanese Lily Turf root extract helps to visibly improve the appearance of skin’s condition • Sphinganine, a naturally occurring oil that is bio-identical to lipids found in the skin, helps to combat skin oiliness The YourGoodSkinTM Community who helped co-create the Balancing Skin Concentrate have already seen powerful results. “This light cream has allowed me more great skin days than I’ve ever had in my whole life!” Nicole, Georgia “It is the best product I have ever tried at controlling the oily shiny look on my face. Excellent at hydrating and balancing my skin.” Galina, Florida “With the Balancing Skin Concentrate, I can definitely say I have enjoyed and am still enjoying good skin days.” Bimpe, New Hampshire An entire range for healthy skin YourGoodSkinTM is also launching a collection of 22 additional products that are designed to tackle the root of skin problems, preventing them before they appear. Developed to restore, maintain and improve the appearance of your skin from the very first use, the range includes a variety of cleanser options (foaming cleanser to wipes to micellars) to targeted treatments (acne prevention, blackhead removers). YourGoodSkinTM Balancing Skin Concentrate costs AED 115, SAR 115, KD 9.50, BD 11.50 and is available exclusively at Boots.

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